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Cork fabric, or cork leather as it is sometimes called, is a high quality fabric produced from thin cork shavings obtained directly from the bark of the cork oak tree, endemic to south-west Europe and north-west Africa.
Much of the production is hand crafted and ensures that no trees are cut down. Once the tree reaches 25-30 years old the cork can be removed for the first time, with subsequent extractions happening from then on every 9 years.
The trees continue to live and grow for around 200 years making for a production process that is environmentally friendly and sustainable. Once the harvested material reaches the end of its life cycle it can be readily recycled without creating any secondary waste.
Cork fabric is available in a unique assortment of natural textures, patterns, and designs and is produced with different backing material dependent on final use.
Its unique characteristics make for a material that is beautifully textured, soft, natural and wholly individual. In addition, its elasticity, durability and near-impermeability make it perfect for protecting your most treasured tech gadgets.
Our Cork range for tech sleeves comes sourced from a sustainable certified cork farm in Spain.
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