Introducing noThrow design
Welcome to noThrow design, a new breed of design company based in Barcelona and London and purpose built for a greener future.
Our aim is to create long life products, that spend more time in your home than in a landfill.
For this reason, we ensure everything we do has sustainability built in as standard and our products are designed for easy repair and recycling.
Our products are  built to last, using natural, recycled or sustainable materials.
Our interiors only use certified sustainable materials and practices, and our collection of furniture is free to download, so it can be
made locally wherever you are in the world.

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Ryan Frank

Ryan is a South African born furniture designer. Over the past years Ryan has advanced to one of the industry's leading sustainable designers renown for his edgy ‘free-range’ furniture. Ryan is noThrow's head designer and the brain behind the noThrow concept

Silja Hertel

Silja has been part of noThrow since its inception taking care of marketing and sales. In essence making sure that our designs find their ways into our customers homes.

Daniel Cross

Daniel originally set up noThrow, in its previous incarnation as TapeGear, the merchandising element of a record label. With time the record label turned into a management company and TapeGear turned into NoThrow

Monica Potvin

French Canadian interior designer opened a studio in NYC in 2000 and has subsequently been based in Barcelona offering fresh sustainable design for interiors of any scale

Tal Holtzman Segal

Tal is our project manager and basically kicks our backsides to ensures that all the amazing ideas we generate come to life.

Pau Bernis

Pau is a Catalan designer and carpenter born in Barcelona. He has been designing and prototyping new sustainable products for noThrow for over two years and is taking care of our acclaimed Barcelona showroom.

Our Barcelona showroom

Located in the heart of Gràcia, right next to the iconic ‘Plaça de la Vila de Gràcia, our showroom features our own designs side by side with other local designers we love.
In our showroom you can find furniture, Shelves, hangers, Ceramic bowls, computer covers, cushion covers, lamps and many more designed items, making it a home for Barcelona independent designers and a must stop for any design fan.
It’s the perfect place to find items to style your home or to get a unique gift for someone you love.

Come & Visit Us

So, if you live in or around Barcelona or visit this beautiful city, come visit us at C/ del Diluvi 4, 08012, Barcelona.
And if you are a designer that wants to be featured in our showroom, drop us an email
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