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Tiny House

Living the dream is not easy… but it is totally worth it once you get things going and find your flow.
The core idea behind noThrow design is about designing for a shiny green future and not for landfill… not only products but homes too, tiny homes to be exact.
So here is the one we built. Its called ‘Can Midge’ and we are very happy with the results. The idea at large was to work, play and live the eco-life, seek out sustainable living and explore and expand on it where possible. So part of that was clicking off the grid, plugging in some solar panels and putting on the tool belt.
Plenty of sunshine is what keeps things switched on and powered up, and the tiny structure is what keeps things dry, warm and happy.
Of course all the materials were locally sourced and at times experimental, and where possible we used recycled/reclaimed content. The front and back doors where reclaimed from a flat being refurbished in Barcelona, and a lot of the wood was recycled.
Sheep wool is what we used for the insulation, wool is great in ares with high humidity, and especially good at keeping the heat in the winter time and out in summer.
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