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July 2018

fishtrap using natural materials

Intro to noThrow design

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It is now official! We have re-branded and turned TAPEgear into noThrow design.
Why noThrow? We named ourselves noThrow to continuously remind ourselves to create products that are specifically built to last, using natural, recycled or sustainable materials. Products that spend more time in our homes than in the landfill.
On our website, you can not only see and buy our current products range but also have access to free downloads/blueprints of designs allowing you to make them anywhere in the world. You can also find out about all the cool interior design projects we have worked on over the past year and get some inspiration for your future house refurbishings.
Say NO to throw!

Our Barcelona Showroom

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Our Barcelona Showroom

Have you visited our showroom yet?
Located in the heart of Gràcia, right next to the iconic ‘Plaça de la Vila de Gràcia’, our showroom features our own designs side by side with other local designers we love.
Lamps shades, ceramic bowls, salt and pepper shakers, shelves and macramé plants hangers are only a few of the designs we host in our showroom, making it a home for Barcelona independent designers and a must stop for any design fan. It’s the perfect place to find items to style your home or to get a unique gift for someone you love.
So, if you live in or around Barcelona or visit this beautiful city, come visit us at C/ del Diluvi 4, 08012, Barcelona
And if you are a designer that wants to be featured in our showroom drop us an email at sales@nothrowdesign.com

C/ del Diluvi 4, 08012, Barcelona

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